Here’s the collection of talks I’ve given over the years! All are embedded in iframes, so feel free to click through to see fullscreen!

SIAM 2016

A talk on data quality in lab environments! Presented at SIAM 2016 on using machine learning models to identify poor quality photograph data at scale.

SIAM 2017

Another SIAM presentation on running a massively parallel simulation on soliton gasses.

Chaos and Collatz

A college presentation on the Collatz Conjecture and Chaos Theory.

Python Optimization

A brief talk on optimizing python given to Boulder Python.

Simulated Annealing

A college project turned into presentation for Boulder Python.

Reusable D3 Charting

A presentation given to the Boulder D3 Meetup on a simple but effective reusable D3 framework.

AirB&B Data Analysis

An interview project turned presentation.

AirB&B Data Visualization

A D3 dashboard visualizing the above data.